2021 Digital Upgrade of the IT Services Supply Chain in China

Source:iResearch September 06,202110:16 AM

Overview of the Digital Upgrade Path of IT Services Supply Chain

The figure below shows the digital upgrade path of the IT services supply chain from the perspective of the full life cycle. ① SCM (Supply chain management) is the core of the IT services supply chain and it influences the supply management of software and hardware products and human services. To deal with the diverse features of the upstream providers of IT services the introduction of ② IT service subcontracting /procurement platforms is crucial. With the trend of online enterprise procurement, ③ e-commerce procurement platforms that mainly aim at supply and demand matching emerged in the field of IT services. They can help corporate customers to find the right IT service providers quickly.  IT service providers can use such platforms to improve products and services to provide a better experience for customers. As to business innovation, the introduction of ⑤ IT insurance service model can facilitate the centralization and standardization upgrade of the industry. The whole-process sales management concept based on the ④ LTC (Lead-To-Cash) expands the scope of IT services supply chain digitization to the marketing customer acquisition link, and establishes an integrated system that connects front-end marketing and back-end delivery. ⑥ Supply chain finance can help solve the financial problem faced by small and medium-sized service providers.

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