Trends in China On-Demand Delivery Industry in 2022

Source:iResearch April 20,20225:14 PM

A lot of offline businesses shut down during the pandemic, forcing merchants in all kinds of industries to turn to online channels. Meanwhile, since many communities in China adopted closed-off management to contain the pandemic, residents daily consumption shifted from offline to online. Promoted by both the demand and supply sides, there was an explosion in intracity on-demand delivery industry. Although offline activities gradually resumed in the routine pandemic prevention and contain period, due to the changes in supply structure and habit of online consumption, the model of online ordering and delivery service has become normal. iResearch’s user surveys show that over 90% of users prefer shopping online to meet their daily needs, which also accelerates the development of the on-demand delivery industry. According to iResearch, 67.1% of users say they use delivery platforms more frequently compared to 2019, indicating prominent growth in the on-demand delivery industry.

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