2022 China Child Care and Mother Care Industry Report

Source:iResearch April 26,20225:51 PM

Development Background of the Child Care and Mother Care Industry in China

Due to factors such as a decreasing number of women of childbearing age, and changes in young people‘s attitudes toward marriage and fertility, the birth rate in China has been decreasing in recent years. About 10.62 million babies were born in 2021. The decline was slower compared to 2020. With the implementation of the three-child policy and new birth policies, the decline of new born babies will obviously slow down in the short term. The three-child policy will have a larger influence in the third-tier cities and below since people in first and second-tier cities are under larger pressure. and have more limited living space. According to iResearch, the birth rate in the first and second-tier cities will be lower than that in lower-tier cities.

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