2022 China Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods Report

Source:iResearch May 11,20226:55 PM

Industry Development Background – Demand

The fast pace of life and great work pressure result in the obvious sub-health problems in modern society. In 2018, the overall sub-health detection rate of urban residents in six provinces/cities in China reached 68.1% (10254/15066), showing the common problem of sub-health. Different age groups' self-rated health status shows that young people are more worried about their health conditions. People in different age groups have similar health expectations, however, the post-90s and Generation Z have much lower self-rated health scores than others, indicating their concern about their health condition. In the aspect of young people's regimen awareness, Generation Z attaches great importance to their health and nutritional supplements. As young consumers' health awareness keeps rising, their potential demand for healthy and nutritious products will be constantly released.

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