2022 Industry Application of Cloud Services in China

Source:iResearch June 02,20225:49 PM

Development History of Industry Application of Cloud Service 

From 1960s to 19902, the concept of "cloud" based on key concepts such as "sharing" and "virtual technology" was formed. In the late 1990s, vendors' cloud service practice started. Typical cases include Salesforce and Concur, which took the lead in SaaS model application. In 2006, Google officially introduced the concept of "cloud computing", focusing on data services and server infrastructure. In 2008 AWS released its product EC2. Virtual servers and IaaS models started rising. Google launched Google App Engine, providing PaaS services for Web application development Since then, with the joining of Microsoft, IBM and other vendors and the launch of projects such as OpenStack, more and more developers and enterprises have begun to use cloud services. The cloud service industry with three types of delivery, IaaS, PaaS and SaaS, gradually formed. With the constant upgrading of the technology stack and the multi-cloud architecture trend, the cloud service industry is full of vitality. With the upgrade of vendors' service concepts and users' awareness, cloud service is increasingly customized and professional and the industry is more and more standardized.

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