2022 Digital Transformation of Procurement of Chinese Governments and SOEs

Source:iResearch June 14,20224:55 PM
Product Forms in SOE Procurement Digitalization
In the informationization period, there was no mature professional procurement platform for businesses. SOEs completed procurement through the internal ERP systems and third-party supply platforms, realizing the underlying data sharing. In the e-commerce period, there were two types of SOE procurement platforms, which were self-built procurement platforms, such as the self-built internal e-procurement system of Sinopec, and exclusive procurement mall, which only needs to provide account permissions for SOEs to achieve exclusive mall procurement, lowering the threshold for SMEs to use the procurement platform. In the platform period, suppliers in the market increased. Meanwhile, SOEs' demand for procurement supply chain extends to technology and logistics, resulting in the emergence of comprehensive platforms for full-link procurement solutions. SOE procurement platforms now mainly cover non-productive materials. The raw materials in large demand are mainly purchased through offline bidding.
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