2022 China Cross-border E-commerce SaaS Industry Report

Source:iResearch July 01,20226:24 PM
Research Scope of Cross-border E-commerce SaaS

Influenced by the Covid-19 pandemic, macro policies and market regulation and other factors, cross-border e-commerce grew rapidly from 2020 to 2021, promoting the development of cross-border e-commerce SaaS. Cross-border e-commerce SaaS refers to the various operation and management SaaS software and services provided for cross-border e-commerce sellers and service providers. According to the operation management links, cross-border e-commerce SaaS has three types of scenarios, which are marketing, ERP and supply chain. Since SaaS vendors mostly serve cross-border exporters and the market of cross-border export C2C e-commerce is fragmented, this report focuses on export e-commerce B2B and B2C and analyzes the solutions and services provided by SaaS service providers for cross-border sellers in all kinds of scenarios.

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