Development of the Global Vocational Education and Training Industry in 2022

Source:iResearch July 29,20227:51 PM

From the macro perspective, the development of the vocational education and training market is closely related to the local economic structure and development level. The change of the global economic structure and the adjustment of the industrial structure constitute the underlying logic of the development of vocational education and education. Support and investment from governments and institutions and the empowerment by information technology continuously promote industry development.

As the fact that vocational education and general education are equally important is widely recognized, vocational education and training will shoulder the heavy responsibility of talent supply that meet the needs of China's economic structural transformation, and will play an important role in social services such as housekeeping, healthcare, transportation, emergency response, and strategic emerging industries such as energy and environmental protection, aerospace and AI.

Vocational education training enterprises play a critical role in the industrial ecology, and a linking role in industrial standardization. They are responsible for practical cooperation in the integration of industry and education and the cooperation between schools and enterprises. They are pioneers in the development and exploration of advanced education models and resources.

Value Chain of the Vocational Education and Training Market

The value chain of the vocational education and training market is a complex ecology composed of multiple participants. In this system, a closed loop of vocational education recruitment or training might be done by the combination and collaboration of multiple entities, which means the information transmission paths in the ecology are diversified. However, rich transmission paths might lead to potential risks such as information distortion. With the constant development of the market and the accumulation of information, the importance of digital platforms for vocational education and training becomes increasingly prominent. Only by connecting all the main bodies in the ecology and integrating all ecological information through digital platforms can the whole ecology coexist harmoniously and operate smoothly.

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