2022 China’s Data Middle Platform Report

Source:iResearch November 15,20223:07 PM


Data middle platforms are committed to dealing with the original data relationship and SOA architecture, solving the ‘data chimney’ problem, connecting data silos, and enhancing data governance and data availability. Realize data capitalization through improving data standard systems, strengthening data quality control, unified management metadata, and other methods. When transforming enterprises' business processes, data middle platforms remove not only the data barriers but also the business barriers between different departments and business groups in a company, largely improving organization flexibility. Data middle platforms are designed for enterprises' top-level strategy, reflecting the top-level framework and business logic. The development and application of all enterprise data assets by data middle platforms bring data the agile service capability. All levels of the enterprise can intelligently and quickly invoke data service capabilities to maximize the value of data and empower b business decisions.

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