2022 China’s Pharmaceutical B2B E-commerce Industry Report

Source:iResearch November 18,202211:32 AM
Size of the Pharmaceutical B2B e-commerce Market in China

The size of China’s pharmaceutical B2B e-commerce market expanded rapidly from 2016 to 2021. In 2019, the B2B transaction scale exceeded 100 billion yuan. As purchasing medicine online has been a primary choice since the outbreak of Covid-19 in 2020, pharmaceutical B2B e-commerce has been developing rapidly and its market size reached 207.2 billion yuan in 2021. Currently, pharmaceutical B2B e-commerce mainly serves pharmacies, clinics and private hospitals. In the future, as the Guideline to Promote High-quality Development of the Pharmaceutical Distribution Industry During the 14th Five-Year Plan Period released by the Ministry of Commerce has contributed to the concentration of the pharmaceutical circulation industry, B2B e-commerce will experience high-quality development. At the same time, as the out-of-hospital market grows fast and its purchase volume surges, the size of the pharmaceutical B2B e-commerce market will expand. It is expected that with improving market and policy environment, China’s pharmaceutical B2B e-commerce market will reach 375.8 billion yuan by 2025.

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