2022 Insights into Computing Power Networks in China

Source:iResearch January 03,202311:02 AM
The Connotation and Structure of Computing Power Network

A computing power network is a resource network in the digital age. It takes computing as the core, realizes connection through the network, and provides matching and scheduling services through perception. The Computing power network has three major elements: (1) Computing: the core resource of the computing power network; (2) Perception: the perception of computing power demand in specific scenarios and computing power resources; (3) Connection: the integration of decentralized, heterogeneous, multi-level, and idle computing power. Thanks to these three elements, the computing power network can have functional attributes and service attributes, efficiently revitalize computing power resources of the whole society and empower industry applications. Based on its technical architecture, the computing power network can be divided into three layers, the basic resource layer, the scheduling layer, and the operation layer. At the same time, computing power network operation& maintenance and security cover the whole process. Ultimately, the computing power network will empower industry applications in the form of products or capabilities.

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