2022 China’s Enterprise SaaS Industry Report

Source:iResearch January 04,20233:19 PM

Overview of the Development of SaaS Vendors in China

Digital transformation is necessary for contemporary enterprises if they are to survive.  However, most of them don‘t have a plan for effectively carrying out digital transformation. From top-level design to implementation, digital transformation faces many difficulties such as high investment, high risk, and long cycle. Thus, SaaS with characteristics such as subscription payment, agile deployment and fast verification is worth a try. According to iResearch, in 2021 the size of China's enterprise application software market was 259.2 billion yuan, of which SaaS accounted for 28.1%. SaaS plays a key role in the application scenarios in enterprises' digital transformation. It is usually the direct starting point for the digitalization of specific links. Numerous enterprises in all kinds of industries find the value of digital technology/tools in actual business scenarios, Maximizing the role of SaaS as a digital scenario incubator.

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