2022 Report on Big Data Analysis Platforms in China

Source:iResearch January 05,20236:06 PM

Industry Definition

Big data analysis platforms are used by enterprise to analyze and make decisions in a big data environment. From the perspective of technical architecture,  a big data analysis platform mainly consists of three levels, data acquisition and storage, computation, analysis and decision-making.  From the perspective of service boundary, the concept of big data analysis platform is smaller than that of data center. It emphasizes the data analysis and decision-making capabilities of the platform and attaches less importance to the planning, governance and services of the data. On the basis of OLAP, it integrates technologies such as deep learning. While increasing the depth and breadth of data analysis, it also largely increases the friendliness of data services and lowers the threshold on the business side. It can meet enterprises' demand for real-time enterprise-level wide table analysis, real-time BI report analysis, user behavior analysis, self-service analysis, AI analysis, and so on.

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