2022 China’s Smart Park Market Report

Source:iResearch January 12,202311:39 AM

Development History and Connotation of Smart Parks

Smart parks are an important part of smart cities. They integrate information technologies such as 5G, IoT, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence to gain new development capabilities such as interconnection, openness and sharing, collaborative operation, innovative development, and comprehensive perception. The construction of smart parks has three stages.  In the smart park 1.0 stage,  the primary digitalization of single-point facilities is realized mainly by improving the information infrastructure construction of the park; In the 2.0 stage, digital platforms are constructed, connecting diverse application scenarios. In the 3.0 stage, AI technologies are completely integrated into production, life and ecology of the parks, integrating the core systems of production, transportation, life, municipal administration, transportation, energy, commerce, and business in the parks to achieve intelligence upgrading.

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