Skyward! iResearch Formally Establishes Nanjing Branch

Source: Nov 05 2015

On May 21, iResearch formally established its Nanjing branch. The establishment of this iResearch branch in China comes on the heels of one in Hangzhou. Currently, in addition to the Beijing headquarters and Shanghai office, iResearch has established nine domestic and international office locations.


As everyone knows, usage of Internet 2.0 has already become a leading trend in China. Outside of most “frontline” cities, many other cities are also quickly adjusting to follow this trend. Nanjing has many higher education resources and government support. Traditional enterprises are quickly restructuring, but enterprises are still relatively lacking in the communications sphere. iResearch hopes to strengthen cooperation with the government to lead Nanjing’s overall Internet development and ensure a more effective and smoother transition to an Internet-based business format. At the same time, after having established the Nanjing branch, iResearch can now better serve local clients, such as Suning Yigou (a sales website), Tuniu Wang (a travel website), and Yu’er Wang (an educational website) with increased service quality. iResearch will also rely on local client resources, the government, and partnerships to continue serving our established client base while providing data consulting services to support local Internet enterprises and developing enterprises to increase operations efficiency. More importantly, iResearch hopes to achieve full conversion to Internet 2.0 for traditional enterprises, especially local developed retailers. Our clients can use iResearch’s big data to help themselves better serve the changing preferences of clients and realize an integration of online and offline business.


For iResearch, this type of branch establishment is very meaningful. iResearch can help enterprises in every location in China, not just central cities, to evolve with the demands of the overall structure of specific industries. Before iResearch reached Nanjing, we had already established seven locations worldwide and worked endlessly to advance efficient local development of the Internet, achieving results and establishing a notable reputation. The establishment of the Nanjing branch embodies iResearch’s strong professional ability and determination to develop endlessly. iResearch’s efforts to extend its influence and reach will not stop — we hope to partner with even more cities and enterprises by applying our knowledge gained from successful endeavors and experience. Which city will iResearch step foot in next? Let us wait and see.

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