2015 China’s Artificial Intelligence Report

Source:iResearchMarch 24,201610:40 AM Overview China is one of the world’s leaders in visual and speech recognition technology.While tech giants including Baidu, Tencent and Alibaba are increasing efforts in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), startups such as Megvii have raked in large investments and played an active role in the market. More details on China's AI market can be seen the full report.

Table of Contents of Full-version Report

1 Status Quo of AI Market
1.1 Overview of AI Market
1.2 AI Market in China

2 Status Quo of AI Application
2.1 China’s AI Industry Chain
2.2 AI Application in China
2.3 Major AI Players in China and Case Studies

3.AI Prospects and Market Opportunities
3.1 Prospects of AI Market
3.2 AI Startups
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