2016 China's E-Sports Content Ecosystem Report

Source:iResearchApril 28,20162:28 AM Overview Along with better commercialization of e-sports contents, copyright, ad sponsorship and fan economy are expected to gain 100 billion Yuan in revenue.

1 Status Quo of E-sports Market in China
1.1 The Flourishing of E-sports in China
1.2 Over 100M Users Fueled the Explosive Growth
1.3 A Large Number of Young and Well-off Users
1.4 They Loved Watching Games Even More
1.5 Watching Games Is at the Heart of Their Daily Entertainment

2 E-sports Competitions-Where the Value of E-sports Starts
2.1 E-sports Competitions in China: The Tough Times
2.2 Exploding in Popularity
2.3 Diversified Needs and Invariable Enthusiasm
2.4 Viewers Want to Watch Higher Level and More Professional Tournaments
2.5 Levelling up 2.6 More Professional 2.7 Viewers Also Want to Participate

3 E-sports Programs-Professional, High Quality and Controllable
3.1 Grow up with E-sports Programs
3.2 Programs: More Professional and Better Quality
3.3 Programs: More Diversified
3.4 Programs: More Fun

4 Live-casting-Everybody Can Participate
4.1 Live-casting, a Showroom for Everybody
4.2 Every Anchor Has Followers
4.3 They Have More Needs
4.4 Games: More than E-sports
4.5 Mobile Games: More than Entertainment
4.6 Entertainment: More than Watching Games
4.7 Entertainment Is Everywhere
4.8 Overseas: From Live Game Broadcast to Comprehensive Live Broadcast
4.9 Domestic: 500M Online Entertainment Consumers

5 E-sports Business Model
5.1 E-sports Have Gained Popularity among Foreign TV Stations
5.2 Chinese Consumers Also Want to Watch E-sports on TV
5.3 Not Far from Watching E-sports on TV in China
5.4 OTTs Also Compete for E-sports Contents
5.5 Video Sites Fight for E-sports Contents
5.6 E-sports: Sky-high Loyalties in the Future
5.7 E-sports: Advertisers’ New Favorite
5.8 E-sports: Better Advertising Channel
5.9 E-sports: Future Advertising Sponsorship Revenue
5.10 Fans Economy: Hugh Potential
5.11 E-sports Competition Fuels Fan Economy
5.12 Future Market Size

6 Future Trends
6.1 Diversified Contents
6.2 Maturing Industry
6.3 Immerse Popularity
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