2016 China's Drone Industry Report

Source:iResearchMay 25,20168:38 AM Overview
The aerial photography market using drones in China is expected to generate 30 billion Yuan in revenue by 2025. The revenues generated from the adoption of civilian drones in the agriculture, forestry and plant protection, security and power inspection markets are to approximate 20 billion, 15 billion and 5 billion Yuan respectively. The total market revenue is expected to reach 75 billion Yuan in 2025.

Table of Content

1 Development of the Drone Industry
1.1 Overview of the Drone Industry
1.2 Prospects of the Drone Industry
1.3 Drone Industry Chain Trends

2 Overview of Companies in the Drone Industry
2.1 Overview of Drone Companies
2.2 Scan of Drone Companies

3 Drone Company Competitiveness Evaluation
3.1 Model Explanation
3.2 Competitiveness Evaluation Model
3.3 Competitiveness Ranking
3.4 Competitiveness Evaluation

4 Investment Opportunities in the Drone Market
4.1 Opportunities
4.2 Other Recommended Companies
4.3 Recommended International Drone Companies

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