2016 China's Online Outbound Travel Report

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Along with eased visa polices, increased flights and routes, growing purchasing power of Chinese consumers, and the appreciation of RMB, outbound travel heats up in China. According to World Tourism Organization, Chinese travelers are the world’s biggest spenders.

Table of Contents of Full-version Report

1 Current State of China’s Online Outbound Travel Market
1.1 Milestones
1.2 Industry Chain
1.3 Market Size
1.4 Major Investments in 2015
1.5 Popular Travel Destinations

2 China’s Online Outbound Travel Products
2.1 Product Types
2.2 Distribution Landscape
2.3 Traditional Model vs. New Models
2.4 GMV of Online Outbound Package Tours
2.5 GMV of Online Outbound Self-guided Tours

3 China’s Online Outbound Travelers
3.1 Traveler Behavior
3.2 Expectations of Domestic Travelers
3.3 Profile of Outbound/Domestic Travelers

4 China’s Online Outbound Travel Trends
4.1 Destination Trends
4.2 Service Provider Trends
4.3 Traveler Trends
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