2016 China's E-commerce Ecosystem Report

Source:iResearchNovember 09,20163:46 PM Overview With the development and maturing of online shopping, online shoppers’ consuming ideas are changing and their demand for high quality products is increasing, and B2C also develops fast. Mobile network, mobile hardware, enterprise informatization and other factors accelerate the development of mobile online shopping.

Table of Contents of The Full Report

Definition of Related Concepts

1 New of E-commerce Development
1.1 Development History of China’s E-commerce Industry
1.2 Age of Traditional E-commerce: Fast Development of E-commerce
1.3 Post E-commerce Age: New Ecosystem and Development Momentum
1.4 Development Environment of E-commerce Ecosystem in China
1.5 Development Modes of E-commerce Ecosystem

2 E-commerce Ecosystem of Industry Giants
2.1 Events During The Development of E-commerce Ecosystem in China
2.2 Ecological Chain of E-commerce Sector in China
2.3 Modes and Features of E-commerce Ecosystem
2.4 Ecommerce Ecosystem SWOT Analysis
2.5 Case Study on Alibaba E-commerce Ecosystem
2.6 Case Study on JD.com E-commerce Ecosystem
2.7 Case Study on amazon.cn E-commerce Ecosystem
2.8 Case Study on LeMall E-commerce Eco Mode
2.9 LeMall Red & Blue Strategy
2.10 LeMall Ecological Promotional Activities
2.11 Comparison of The Mode of Ecommerce Ecosystem

3 User Features of E-commerce Ecosystem
3.1 Purchasing Behavior of Users of E-commerce Ecosystem
3.2 Users’ Awareness of E-commerce Ecosystem
3.3 Ecological Relations of E-commerce Ecosystem
3.4 Users’ Attitudes Towards E-commerce Ecosystem
3.5 User Profile of Ecommerce Ecosystem

4 New Trends of E-commerce in The Future
4.1 Arrival of the Age of Scene Shopping
4.2 Rise of The Content E-commerce
4.3 New Development Directions of E-commerce Ecosystem

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