2016 China's Internet Finance Report

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Credit is the core of finance. The development of internet finance depends on users’ habit of using internet credit. For now, online lending models are not very innovative. There’s no lending products specially for the internet. Most of the online products just copied the traditional lending products and try to reach the long tail group through big data risk control. 

Table of Contents of Full Report

1 Disillusion of Internet Finance Conception
1.1 Economic Downturn and the Opportunities For Finance Industry
1.2 China’s Finance Industry Gradually Lose Its Vigor
1.3 Slow Transformation Inside China’s Finance Industry
1.4 The Mysterious Internet Finance
1.5 New Trends of Internet Finance in 2016

2 Revival of Finance: The Businesses Return to The Nature of Finance
2.1 Cunhuidai: The Universality of Statistical Standard
2.2 Number of Internet Users and The Boundary of Internet Finance
2.3 Number of Users of Online Credit and Online Wealth Management
2.4 The Value of Mobile Payment Apps
2.5 Current Situation of Online Asset Management Sector
2.6 Current Situation of Online Credit Sector
2.7 Current Situation of Online Payment and Mobile Payment Sectors

3 Finance Platform Case Study
3.1 Ant Financial
3.2 Suning Jinrong
3.3 Lakala
3.4 JD Finance
3.5 Baidu Jinrong
3.6 Wolaidai
3.7 Souyidai
3.8 99Bill
3.9 Fenqile

4 The Future of Financial Scientists
4.1 The Embodiment of Technology Dividend
4.2 Technical Operation Framework of Internet Finance
4.3 The Output of Service Ability is The Core of Finance Technology

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