2016 China's E-commerce Vitality Report

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In 2015, mobile shoppers reached 340 million, at a YoY growth as high as 43.9% and accounting for 82.2% of the total online shoppers. As a major O2O entrance, penetration of mobile devices directly supports the development of O2O and provides the user base for combination of online and offline services in different forms. 


2016 China’ E-commerce Vitality Report

1 Development of E-commerce in China

1.1 Development of E-commerce Ecosystem and Stable Growth of GMV
1.1.1 Development History of E-commerce in China
1.1.2 GMV of Online Shopping in China During 2011-2018
1.1.3 Share of Mobile Shopping in China in 2015

1.2 Big Four E-commerce Enterprises, Each With Its Strengths
1.2.1 E-commerce Industry Chain Structure in China
1.2.2 Alibaba: Full-ecosystem Online Business Empire
1.2.3 JD.com: An Ecosystem Based on Self-operated Model
1.2.4 Suning.com: Transformation of Electric Appliance Mall
1.2.5 Vip.com: Ecosystem Selling Fashion Products

1.3 Expanding User Group and Increasingly Balanced Gender Structure
1.3.1 Mobile Shopping Users and Their Share in Total Online Shoppers in 2011-2018
1.3.2 MAU of Top E-commerce Enterprises Jan-Oct 2016
1.3.3 Increasingly Balanced Gender Structure and Young Adults Still Mainstream Users

2 Development Trend of E-commerce in China

2.1 Age of Mobile E-commerce and User Shopping Scenario
2.1.1 Changes of Online Shoppers in China
2.1.2 Ways of Mobile Shopping Users to Enter Shopping Websites 2016
2.1.3 Top10 Categories of Products Bought by Mobile Shopping Users in China in 2016
2.1.4 Buying Frequency of Mobile Shopping Users in China
2.1.5 Shopping Scenario of Mobile Shopping Users in China 2015

2.2 Upgraded User Consumption and Accelerated E-commerce Globalization
2.2.1 Analysis on Driving Factors of Cross-border Online Shopping
2.2.2 GMV and Growth of Imported Retailing E-commerce in China 2012-2018
2.2.3 Reasons For Cross-border Online Shopping 2016
2.2.4 Cross-border Online Shopping Websites Used by Cross-border Shoppers in China 2016
2.2.5 Top8 Countries of Origin The Chinese Cross-border Online Shoppers Buy From in 2016
2.2.6 Top10 Categories of Products Bought by Cross-border Online Shoppers in China in 2016

2.3 Further Segmented User Groups and Diversified Development of E-commerce Enterprises
2.3.1 The After 90s, The Female and The Elderly Have Become New Consuming Force
2.3.2 As a New Pole, Female E-commerce is Emerging
2.3.3 Personal Monthly Income and Monthly Spending on Online Shopping of Female Online Shoppers 2016
2.3.4 Female Online Shoppers’ Views on Shopping and Brand in China 2015
2.3.5 Frequency and Spending Per Product of Female Online Shoppers When Buying Fashion Products 2016
2.3.6 GMV of Online Shopping of Mother and Baby Products 2011-2018
2.3.7 Business Model of Mother and Baby Product E-commerce
2.3.8 Mother and Baby Products Bought Online 2016
2.3.9 Shopping Frequency of Mother and Baby Products Online 2016
2.3.10 Average Purchase Amount of Mother and Baby Products Online 2016

2.4 Strong Momentum of Social + E-commerce and Great Market Potential
2.4.1 Cause and Strength of Social + E-commerce
2.4.2 Number of Social Online Shoppers, Spending on Online Shopping and Shopping Frequency 2014-2015
2.4.3 Typical E-commerce Enterprises With Live Streaming Videos

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