2016 Chinese News Media’s Development Trends Report

Source:iResearchDecember 30,20162:44 PM Overview
With rapid development of mobile internet, number of news media users grows and their penetration in internet users rises steadily. News media still have huge room to develop.

Table of Contents of The Full Report

1 Current Situation of News Media Industry
1.1 Current Penetration Rate in PC/Mobile Users
1.2 Ecological Map of The News Industry
1.3 Current Situation and Trends of News Industry

2 Challenges Facing The News Industry
2.1 Dilemma of Traditional News Industry
2.2 Challenges Facing News Media in The Aspect of Content
2.3 Case Study of Traditional Media’s Transformation

3 Development Trends of News Media
3.1 Decentralization of Production; Platformization of Communication
3.2 Users’ Demand For The Reliability and The Depth of Content
3.3 Development Trends of Live Streaming News
3.4 Development Trends of Personalized Recommendation/Distribution

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