2016 China's VR Marketing Trends Report

Source:iResearchJanuary 04,20172:44 PM Overview Capital market started paying attention on VR sector from 2014 and investments soared in 2015. During the “capital winter”, investments in VR heated up. The hardware, input device, offline distribution, panoramic photography, content production, games, system support, etc. were the fields that attracted investment. Among them, the VR hardware received the most investments. The number of investments reached its peak in Q4 2015 and the amount of investments exceeded 760 million Yuan. 


Table of Contents of The Full Report

1 General Description of The VR Sector and Its Future
1.1 The Definition of VR
1.2 Application of Consumer VR and Industry VR
1.3 Development of Consumer VR
1.4 Types of VR Output Devices
1.5 Global Tech Giants’ Layout of VR
1.6 Famous Chinese Companies’ Activities in VR Sector
1.7 Domestic Capital Became Rational After Lots of Investment Activities
1.8 Industrial Chain of China’s Consumer VR
1.9 Output Device Production Companies in VR Industrial Chain —— Deepoon VR
1.10 Output Device Production Companies in VR Industrial Chain —— Whaley VR
1.11 Content Distribution Companies in VR Industrial Chain —— iQiYi VR
1.12 Content Production Companies in VR Industrial Chain —— Letin VR
1.13 VR Has a Bright Future and a Long Way to go 1.14 The Diversity of The Content Might Increase Sharply by The End of The Year

2 Whether VR Will be a New Communication Media
2.1 VR is Said to be The Next Computing Platform
2.2 Principal Line of Development of Mass Media
2.3 VR Might Become Popular in Vertical Fields in The Early Stage
2.4 Trends: The Content of VR Becomes Diversified
2.5 VR is Mainly For Entertainment in The Short Term and Will Become MR and Will Become Mass Media in The Long Run.

3 VR Brings New Method For Marketing
3.1 Virtual Drive of Volvo XC90: App + Google Cardboard
3.2 VR News of New York Times: Paid Subscription + Free Google Cardboard
3.3 Propaganda of Game of Thrones: VR Video
3.4 Branding of MacDonald: Personalized VR
3.5 Letin: My VR Boyfriend/Girlfriend
3.6 Deepoon VR: "Catch The Dream" Public Service Activity

4 Large Scale Marketing in The Future
4.1 Forecast of China’s VR Marketing Trends
4.2 The First Stage: Spreading Relies on Traditional Channels
4.3 The Second Stage: Hardware Producers Will Get a Slice of The Cake
4.4 The Third Stage: Ad Platform Comes Into Being
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