2016 China's Internet Writer Report

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In terms of gender of writers, 88.0% of internet writers on male channel websites are male, but there are also some female writers. While on female channel websites, almost all or 97.4% of the writers are female.By age, the internet writers are young, mostly under the age of 30 and 28 on average. 

Table of Contents of The Full Report

Report Summaries
1 Research Background
1.1 Research Background
1.2 Research Methodology
1.3 Sample Overview

2 General Profile: What do They Look Like
2.1 Portraits of Signed Internet Writers
2.2 Gender & Age
2.3 Distribution by Zodiac Sign
2.4 Regional Distribution
2.5 Marital status and Education
2.6 Recreational Activities

3 Status of Writing: How About Writing, Work and Support
3.1 Years of Writing
3.2 Primary Motivation of Writing
3.3 Writing and Family
3.4 Status of Internet Writers
3.5 Working Background
3.6 Why Part-time
3.7 Pressure of The Part-time Internet Writers
3.8 Factors Concerned For Part-timers to Become Full-timers
3.9 Why Full-time Writing

4 Significance of Writing: What They Get From Writing
4.1 Significance of Writing
4.2 Writing Income
4.3 Satisfaction With Writing Income

5 Writing Routine: How About Works, Writing Posture and Inspiration
5.1 Length of Their Works
5.2 Selection of Themes
5.3 Wiring Time
5.4 Writing Posture / Environment
5.5 Writing Tools
5.6 Writing Duration And update Frequency
5.7 Being Urged to update And Countermeasures
5.8 Ways to Find Inspiration
5.9 Voice of Writers on Finding Inspiration
5.10 Reading 5.11 Expectation on Adaptation

6 Value of Platform: How do They Think of The Platform
6.1 Factors Concerned in Platform Selection
6.2 Help of Platform
6.3 Voice of Writers on Help of Platform
6.4 Fans Interaction
6.5 Platform Satisfaction and Opinions
6.6 Opinions on Pirate

7 Classification: How About Classification of Typical Internet Writers
7.1 Classification of Typical Internet Writers
7.2 Portrait of Delightful & Freewheeling Type
7.3 Portraits of Realistic & Calm Type
7.4 Portrait of Silent & Counteroffensive Type
7.5 Classification of Star-rated internet Writers
7.6 Portraits of 1-star Internet Writers
7.7 Portrait of 2-star-4-star Internet Writers
7.8 Portraits of 5-star Internet Writers
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