2016 China's Mobile Video Streaming Viewers Report

Source:iResearchJanuary 18,20177:41 AM Overview There are various types of interactive activities on the website. The three main ways of interaction are comment, following and sharing. Viewers who tip the anchors or send messages to anchors account for 39% and 27%, respectively. As to the interactive activities outside the website, 68.8% of viewers follow the video streaming anchors on social networks. Conversion rate between social media and video streaming is relatively high. and it has formed a virtuous between social and video streaming platforms. Moreover,  half of the viewers have bought products recommended by the anchors. It is obvious that video streaming has leaded traffic to e-commerce websites.

Table of Contents of The Full Report

1 Analysis of Chinese Video Streaming Viewers’ Behaviors When Watching Videos
1.1 Viewers’ Accesses to Video Streaming
1.2 Reasons That Viewers Watch Live Videos
1.3 Motivation of Viewers From Different Accesses For Watching Live Videos
1.4 Frequency and Duration That Viewers Watch Live Videos
1.5 Scenes That Viewers Are Most Likely to Watch Live Videos
1.6 Types of Live Videos That Are Watched by First-time Viewers and The Most Popular Types
1.7 Types of Mainstream Apps That Are Used by First-time Viewers and The Most Popular Apps
1.8 Interactive Activities of Viewers When Watching Live Videos
1.9 Analysis of Viewers’ Intention of Sharing Video Streaming Links
1.10 Cross Analysis of Chinese Video Streaming Viewers’ Monthly Income and Tips in 2016

2 Analysis of Chinese Video Streaming Users’ Broadcasting Activities
2.1 Chinese Video Streaming Users’ Motivations For Broadcasting Live Videos
2.2 The Frequency and Length of Time That Users Broadcast Videos
2.3 Scenes That Users Are Most Likely to Broadcast Live Videos
2.4 Types of Videos That Users Choose When They Broadcast The First Time
2.5 Mainstream Apps Used to Broadcast Live Videos

3 Chinese Video Streaming Users’ Attitude to Ads
3.1 Users’ Awareness of Different Types of Ads
3.2 Types of Mobile Ads That Are Accepted by Users
3.3 Users’ Main Motivations For Clicking Mobile Ads
3.4 Users’ Attitude to Ads on Video Streaming Platforms

4 Operation of Chinese Video Streaming Platform Viewers
4.1 Reasons That Some Internet Users Pay no Attention to Video Streaming and Whether They Will Pay Attention in The Future
4.2 Why Viewers Change Their Video Streaming Platforms and Their Request For The Platforms
4.3 Factors That Dissatisfy Chinese Video Streaming Viewers in 2016
4.4 The Opportunity For Video Streaming Platforms’ Development

5 Main Characteristics of Chinese Video Streaming Viewers
5.1 Gender and Age Distribution of Viewers
5.2 Regional Distribution of Viewers
5.3 Marital Status and Constellation Distribution of Viewers
5.4 Education, Income and Career Levels of Viewers

6 Profile of Mainstream Chinese Video Streaming Viewers
6.1 Types of Mainstream Viewers
6.2 Profile of Viewers Who Love Fashion and Challenges
6.3 Profile of Viewers Who Value Family and Quality
6.4 Profile of Viewers Who Work Hard and Consume Cautiously
6.5 Comparison of Different Types of Mainstream Viewers
6.6 Strategies Targeted at Different Types of Mainstream Viewers

7 Appendix
7.1 Chinese Video Streaming Users’ Educational, Income and Career Levels
7.2 Scenes where Users Watch and Broadcast Live Videos
7.3 Internet Users Who Pay no Attention to Video Streaming and The Types of Videos They Might Pay Attention to in The Future

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