2016 China's Internet Industry Insights and Trends Report

Source:iResearch January 24,20173:49 PM Overview
The report cover online video, social networking service, online advertising,e-commerce,search engine, O2O,internet finance,online health care,online gaming,cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other internet market segments. It expounds the segments' development in 2016 and forecast their future. Besides, the report makes a comparison of important internet markets globally.

Table of Content of Full Report

1 The Hypothesis of Internet Development Dividend
1.1 The Numbers of Internet Users in Six Countries Have All Passed 100 Million
1.2 The Growth of Users Slows Down in China and Worldwide.
1.3 Vibrant Markets: India, South Asia and Mexico
1.4 China and America Are in Leading Place in The Aspect of The Scale of Digitalization
1.5 Different Development Paths of Chinese and American Internet Companies
1.6 Attempts of China and America to Remove The Market Barriers of Each Other

2 The Periodic Evolution and The Change of Times
2.1 Internet in China Has Become Strong 2.2 The Important Curve Cycle of The Market
2.3 Chinese Internet Companies Seize The Opportunities 2.4 Change of The Structure of Chinese Internet Users
2.5 Internet Culture Has Become A Unique Scenery
2.6 The Citizens’ Realization of Their Rights Starts From The Internet
2.7 The New Middle Class Grew up With The Internet
2.8 The High-quality Knowledge Shines on Discussion Platforms
2.9 The Media’s Competition of Liquidation is Actually The Competition For Users’ Attention
2.10 The Role of Internet Has Changed From Passive to Active
2.11 The Pursuit of Profit Has Intensified. The Commercialization of Products Has Accelerated

3 Digitalization Restructures Life
3.1 Information: Internet Ends The Boundary Between Humans and Machines and Diversifies Interaction
3.2 Transaction: Internet Reduces The Distance Between Internet Users and Goods
3.3 Service: The Science and Technology Progress Can Meet Huge Demand
3.4 Cloud Computing and AI: The Foundation of Digital Subversion

4 Forecast of Future Trends
4.1 Future Finance: The Final Status of Finance is a Society “Without Finance”
4.2 Intelligent Logistics: Drones—The Flying Deliverymen
4.3 Intelligent Marketing Can Understand Users’ Demand Better and Find Solutions Efficiently
4.4 The Application of AI in Medicine Can Help Realize Efficient Diagnose and Make Breakthroughs

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