2016 China’s Internet Consumption Finance Market Research Report

Source:iResearchFebruary 15,201711:04 AM Overview China’s national economy has maintained fast growth for a long time since the reform and opening up. By 2015, China’s GDP reached about 68 trillion Yuan, maintaining a growth rate of 6.9%. iResearch believes that although the growth rate has dropped a little, the fast growth of national economy will maintain a long time. And consumption will contribute more to GDP.

Table of Contents of The Full Report

1.Analysis of Macro Environment
1.1 Consumption Contributes to Macroeconomic Restructuring
1.2 Huge Potential of Consumption in China
1.3 The Internet Releases Consumption Potential Effectively

2.Current Situation of Consumer Credit
2.1 Consumption Will be The Main Impetus to Credit
2.2 Consumer Credit is Extremely Uneven
2.3 The Importance of Internet Consumption Finance
2.4 The Core of Internet Consumption Finance
2.5 The Consumption Finance Industry Has Great Potential and is Developing Rapidly
2.6 Extensibility of Internet Consumption Finance

3.Consumption Finance Case Study of New Finance Industry —— JD Finance
3.1 Layout of Internet Giants For Consumption Finance
3.2 Business Layout
3.3 Current Status of Products
3.4 Financial Technology
3.5 Spirit of Sharing
3.6 Industry Drive

4.Forecast of The Trends of Internet Consumption Finance
4.1 Eco-driven Internet Finance
4.2 Establishment of Demand-driven Product Line
4.3 Upcoming Financial Revolution
4.4 Impact on Logic of Internet Business

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