2016 China's Short Video Sector Report

Source:iResearchFebruary 22,20179:38 AM Overview
According to data from iResearch, the short video sector has received 43 rounds of investment by July 1st, 2016. The investment in short video sector was very limited before 2014. It increased rapidly in 2014 and 2015. In 2016, there had been 9 rounds of investment by July. The investment in 2016 would probably surpass that in 2015. 30 rounds of the investment are Angel and Series A Funding, accounting for 69.8% of the total amount. 

The Table of Contents of The Full Report

1 General Descriptions About China’s Short Video Sector
1.1 Definition and Characteristics of Short Video Sector
1.2 Development of The Internet Content Industry
1.3 Development of Video Sector in China
1.4 Development of Short Video Sector in Foreign Countries: Start First and Target Social Networking

2 Development Environment and Current Situation of Short Video Sector in China
2.1 PEST Analysis of the Macro Environment
2.2 Investment in Short Video Sector
2.3 Areas in Short Video Sector That Attract Investment
2.4 Development of Internet Users in China
2.5 Development of China’s Mobile Internet Environment
2.6 Development of Smart Phones
2.7 Time That Internet Users Spend on Mobile Internet
2.8 The Development of Users’ Demand in the Short Video Sector
2.9 Technical Environment of Short Video Sector

3 Analysis of China’s Short Video Industrial Chain and Models
3.1 China’s Short Video Industrial Chain
3.2 Main Types of China’s Short Video Platforms
3.3 Business Model of China’s Short Video Sector
3.4 Development of the Combination of Short Video Sector and Online Stars

4 Case Study of China’s Short Video Sector
4.1 Foreign Case Study 1: Short Video Function of Instagram
4.2 Foreign Case Study 2: Musical.ly, A Music and Short Video Social Networking Platform
4.3 Foreign Case Study 3: Vine, A Short Video Social Networking Platform
4.4 Domestic Case Study: Ecological Matrix of Mobile Video

5 Development Trends of China’s Short Video Sector
5.1 Main Challenges Facing Short Video Sector
5.2 Trend 1: High Quality Content is The Core of Competition
5.3 Trend 2: Scale of Short Video Marketing is About to Grow Rapidly
5.4 Trend 3: The Application of Big Data in Short Video Sector

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