2016 China's Accommodation Sector Report

Source:iResearchMarch 01,20173:00 PM Overview China Tourism Statistics Yearbook shows that domestic travels have been growing by more than 10% in the recent five years, indicating that travel industry has become a new force driving the rapid growth of accommodation sector. Statistics show that in 2015, there were 574,000 businesses in accommodation sector. and with more entrants coming into this sector, it will continue to expand. 


Table of Contents of The Full Report

1 Development of Accommodation Market in China
1.1 China’s Accommodation Industry Has Entered The Stage of Diversified Business Forms
1.2 Favorable Macro Environment For Transformation of Accommodation Sector - Environment
1.3 Favorable Macro Environment For Transformation of Accommodation Sector - Policy
1.4 Fast Growth of Travel Industry Drives The Sustainable Development of Accommodation Sector

2 Participants on China’s Accommodation Market - Hotels
2.1 Number of Star Hotels is Decreasing Slowly
2.2 Hotels Are Mainly Concentrated in East China
2.3 Operating Structure of Hotels Needs Adjustment
2.4 Green Innovation is The Key to Improvement of Hotel Operation

3 Participants on China’s Accommodation Market - Users
3.1 More Accommodation Users Tend to Book Online
3.2 Diversified and Personalized Additional Services Are More Attractive to Users
3.3 Safe, Clean and Environmental-friendly Green Hotels Are Recognized by Users
3.4 Low Cost Performance is The Major Problem With Green Hotels
3.5 Users Are Mainly Male & Highly Educated
3.6 Most Users Enjoy Good Income
3.7 Users Are Concentrated in Economically Developed Regions
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