2016 China's Sanitary Ware Sector Report

Source:iResearchMarch 08,20172:25 PM Overview
iResearch believes that With too many pain points and catches, long construction period, specialized knowledge, poor regulation and after-sales services, it is difficult for online home decoration industry to develop at the same pace as traditional home decoration industry. However, as the internet users born in the 1980s and 1990s are reaching the marriageable age and market demand forces the industry to speed up the process of internet +, the development of online home decoration industry will be accelerated. 


Table of Contents of The Full Report

1 Trend of Consumption Upgrade on Kitchen & Sanitary Ware Market
1.1 Description
1.2 Home Decoration Industry With Bright Prospect
1.3 Sanitary Ware Market With Great Potential
1.4 Sanitary Ware Market Faces Both Opportunities and Challenges
1.5 Gradient Market of Kitchen & Sanitary Ware Online Consumption Has Taken Shape

2 Features of Consumption Upgrade Group
2.1 Great Development Potential of Sanitary Ware Market in East China
2.2 Judging From Demographic Characteristics, Sanitary Ware Focus Group Are Mainly For Self-use
2.3 Judging From Their Educational Background, Sanitary Ware Focus Group Are Mainly Property Owners
2.4 Behaviors of Sanitary Ware Focus Group Show Features of High-end Users
2.5 When Viewing Sanitary Ware, Consumers Often Make Comparisons With Similar Products
2.6 Both Kitchen & Bathroom Hardware and Sanitary Ware Consumers Focus on Domestic Brands
2.7 In General, Sanitary Ware Consumers Are High-end And select Products For Self-use

3 Analysis of The Market Performance of Top Brands
3.1 Outstanding Performance of Domestic Brands on Sanitary Ware Market
3.2 Domestic Sanitary Ware Brands Not Purely Relying on Low Price Competition
3.3 What Are The Competitive Advantages of Domestic Sanitary Ware Brands?
3.4 Development of Online Domestic Customized Shower Rooms in Full Swing
3.5 Semi-standard Customized Products Help Domestic Brands to Open The Market
3.6 Foreign Brands Lack of Strategy For Shower Room Online Customization
3.7 Top Domestic Brands Build Ecosystem Combining All Channels
3.8 Domestic Brands Offer Functional Attributes More Suitable For Chinese Market
3.9 For similar Functions, Domestic Brands Have Higher Cost Performance
3.10 “30% Buying and 70% Installation”, Win by Addressing The “Last Mile” Problems
3.11 Domestic Brands Offer Humanized After-sales Services

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