2017 China's FinTech Development Report

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In 2016, of all target users of FinTech in China, electronic payment users had the highest penetration, followed by those of online assets management, both above 60%. Affected by the threshold, the online lending users only have a penetration of 22.8%. But actually, the penetration only covers the users who have got lending online. There are also a large number of quasi online lending users and the internet finance giants are granting credits to all their users in advance, so these users are also the targets of FinTech in online lending sector. Even, users of electronic payment and online assets management are FinTech users in online lending on many levels. As said above, unlike internet finance, FinTech ranks higher in the industry and covers more users. 


Table of Contents of The Full Report

1 FinTech Booms Surprisingly
1.1 Market Heat of FinTech in China
1.2 Concerned Factors of FinTech at Different Development Stages
1.3 Development History of FinTech in China
1.4 Development Pattern of FinTech in China

2 hidden Risks With The Development of FinTech
2.1 User Penetration of Each Segment of Internet Finance in China 2013-2020
2.2 Revenue of Internet Finance Market in China 2013-2020
2.3 Industrial Chain of FinTech in China
2.4 Industry Structure of FinTech in China
2.5 Revenue of FinTech in China 2013-2020
2.6 Revenue Structure of FinTech in China 2013-2020
2.7 Construction Costs of FinTech in China
2.8 Value Chain of FinTech Monetization in China

3 Case Study of FinTech Platform
3.1 China Merchants Bank
3.2 Jr.163
3.3 Lakala
3.4 Wolaidai
3.5 Tianchuang Credit
3.6 Neo Capital
3.7 Aicai Group
3.8 FSG (Baidu)
3.9 JBH
3.10 Huli.com
3.11 Tongdun

4 Blueprint of Future Financial Life
4.1 Penetration Channels of FinTech in Financial Business in China
4.2 Association Diagram of Finance and Life Technology
4.3 Artificial Intelligence Promotes a Society “Without Financing” in China

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