2017 China's Home Appliances & Digital Product Consumption Report

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Affected by the sluggish demand on the domestic market since 2014, sales growth of household appliances has been slowing down. After more than two years of adjustment, the consumers have more purchasing power and have higher requirements on product quality and function. Hopefully, household appliances enterprises can increase their profit by optimizing product mix and offering mid and high-end products, rather than merely pursue faster sales growth. 

Table of Contents of The Full Report

1.Report Preface
1.1 Research Background
1.2 Description
1.3 Trend of Upgrading Consumption 2017
1.4 Interpretation of Consumption Trend 2017 —— Upgrading Consumption
1.5 Interpretation of Consumption Trend 2017 —— Upgrading Quality
1.6 Interpretation of Consumption Trend 2017 —— Upgrading Services

2.Chapter I: Economic Environment For Upgrading Consumption
2.1 Steady Economic Transformation and Consumption-driven Growth in China
2.2 Increase of National Income Laying The Foundation For upgrading Consumption
2.3 National Consumption Still With Much Potential to be Tapped
2.4 National Consumption Upgrading From Living Type to Enjoyment Type and Development Type
2.5 Demand For High-quality and Personalized Products Becoming The New Growth Point
2.6 Consumption Upgrading From Rigid-demand-driven to Function-driven on Household Appliances Market
2.7 Quality and Function Upgrade Driving up The Price and Profit of Household Appliances
2.8 Upgrading Consumption is Inevitable Trend of Economic Development

3.Chapter II: Portrait of Household Appliances and Digital Product Users
3.1 Categories of Household Appliances and Digital Products Covered by The Research
3.2 Classification of Consumers of Household Appliances and Digital Products
3.3 Consumers of Household Appliances and Digital Products-Group Born in 1950s/60s Focusing on Health & Comfort
3.4 Consumers of Household Appliances and Digital Products-Group Born in 1970s/85 Focusing on Work & Leisure
3.5 Consumers of Household Appliances and Digital Products-Group Born in 1986/90s Focusing on Fashion
3.6 Group Born in 1950s/60s: Great Potential Demand For Personal and Health Care Appliances
3.7 Group Born in 1970s/85: High Demand For Electric Appliances to Improve Quality of Life
3.8 Group Born in 1986/90s: Focusing on Electric Appliances for Entertainment, Leisure and Quality of Life
3.9 Group Born After 2000: Focusing on Electronic and Smart Products
3.10 Traditional Household Appliances: Main Demand For by Group
3.12 New Types of Electric Appliance: High Demand Among Group Born in 1986/90s
3.13 Kitchen Appliance: Group Born in 1986/90s Trying New Electric Cooking Appliances
3.14 Health Care Electric Appliances: New Health Care Electric Appliances Easy to Reach Young Users
3.15 Electric Appliances For Beauty and Personal Care: Group Born in 1986/90s like Fashionable Small Appliances
3.16 Electric Appliances For Mother & Baby: Demand Dominated by New Parents
3.17 Consumer Electronics: Leisure & Entertainment Products Popular Among Young Users
3.18 TV Function Upgrading and TV Above 4,000 Yuan Becoming New Favorites on The Market
3.19 Freezing Reservation and Other High-end Demand Becoming Popular
3.20 Demand For Variable Frequency and Mute Becoming Mainstream On The Air Conditioner Market
3.21 Touch Control and Timing Functions Are Standard Configuration For Washing Machine
3.22 New Smart Crossover Brands such as Xiaomi Becoming New Favorites on The Market
3.23 Mobile Phones Mostly Meant to be Used For 1-2 Years and Frequent Replacement
3.24 Convenient and Quality Life Are Main Reasons For Buying
3.25 Demand Will Focus on Smart and Brand Electric Appliances
3.26 Male Buyers Focus on Function and Leisure
3.27 Female Buyers Focus on Personal Preference
3.28 E-commerce Platform is The Main Channel For Consumers to Get Product Information
3.29 Online/Offline Shopping Experience Has Become Primary Focus
3.30 Online Platform Wins Through Price and Shopping Convenience
3.31 Offline Platform Wins Through Integrity and Communication With Consumers
3.32 Online Pain Point-Difference Between Online/Offline Products and Experience Before Buying
3.33 Online/offline O2O Platform Offers Best Shopping Experience
3.34 Slowing Down Online Consumption Growth and Recovery of Offline Sales

4.Chapter III: Hot Spot and Trend of Upgrade Among Household Appliances and Digital Products Manufacturers
4.1 Sales Growth of Traditional Household Appliances Slows Down and Tends to be Stable
4.2 Demand For Quality Life Leads to Upgrade & Changes of The Consumption Structure of Household Appliances
4.3 Slowing Down Economic Growth and Traditional White Household Appliances Entering The Replacement Cycle
4.4 Household Appliances Giants Seeking Technical Breakthroughs To Cope With Upgrading Consumption
4.5 Innovation and Investment Competition From Product to Application Scenario
4.6 Manufacturers Aiming at Demand of Medium and High Income Groups to Upgrade Quality
4.7 Sales of Quality Kitchen Appliances is Increasing
4.8 Changes of Consumption Environment Lead to Development of Household Appliances for Environment Improvement
4.9 New Demand Among Young Users Creates Opportunity For Manufacturers
4.10 Online Household Appliances Focus on Demand of Young Users to Seize Market Share
4.11 Online Actions of Household Appliances Manufacturers: Mainly Market Cultivation
4.12 Online Actions of Household Appliances Manufacturers: Mainly Promotion of Interactive Experiences
4.13 Case Study: Casarte Taps The High-end Market Through Experience Marketing
4.14 Case Study: Fotile Promotes Through “Fotile Style”
4.15 Case Study: Marketing of Black Household Appliances From Hardware Configuration to Content Competition

5.Chapter IV: Performance and Development Trend of Mainstream Marketing Channels
5.1 Sales Channels of Household Appliances
5.2 In The New Economic Environment, The Mode of “Internet + Retail” is Maturing
5.2 Internet + Retail Capacity = Brand Power + Channel Power + Information Power
5.3 Marketing Channels Committed to Business Model Transformation of “Internet + Retail”
5.4 Pre-sales Experience is Key to Winning Market
5.5 Household Appliances Giants and E-commerce Platforms Focus on Channel Layout
5.6 Consumers Are Used to Getting Product Information From E-commerce Websites
5.7 Marketing Channels May Promote Their Competitiveness By Expanding The Coverage of New Products
5.8 All E-commerce Platforms Are Launching New Products to Keep up With Market Dynamics
5.9 Emergence of The Online & Offline Combined Marketing Mode of Brands & Channels
5.10 C2B Products Jointly Launched by E-commerce and Brand Manufacturers
5.11 Big Data Mining Promotes Customer to Business (C2B)
5.12 Brand Owners and Platforms Jointly Promote All-round Upgrade of Consumption Experience
5.13 Market Pre-heating Through Online Promotion and Intensive Participation Through Offline Experience
5.14 Key to Household Appliances Shopping Experience is After-sales Services
5.15 Boom of Mobile Internet and Diversified Means of Payment
5.16 Environment For Online Credit Consumption is Maturing
5.17 Perfect and Considerate Services of E-commerce Reduce Decision Making Cost For Consumers
5.18 Diversified Operation Modes of E-commerce Channels
5.19 E-commerce Giants Tap Offline Market Through Rural E-commerce
5.20 Suning’s Precision Marketing Targeting at Online Users
5.21 Suning Integrating Online and Offline Services in The Form of Cloud Store
5.22 Trade-in Drives up Consumption

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