2017 China's Online Games Industry Report

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In 2016, the revenue of PC Web game dropped by 26.1%, mainly because the gamers were shifting from PC to mobile. The technical limitation is also a major reason. Currently, most web games are produced based on Flash framework. Flash has advantages of fast loading, high compatibility and flexible content production etc. But the web games based on Flash take up a lot of system resources. This has limited the development of web game to a certain extent.

Table of Contents of The Full Report

1 Current Situation of China’s Online Games Market
1.1 Growth of Online Games Market Slows Down. The Industry Has Reached a Plateau
1.2 Mobile Games Market is The Largest Niche Market in Online Games Market
1.3 Demographic Dividends in Game Industry is Gradually Disappearing. Quality Has Become The New Target of The Industry 1.4 The Game Industry Has Formed a Complete Industrial Chain
1.5 Analysis of PC Client Game, Web Game and Mobile Game Markets
1.6 Possible Reasons For Downturn of PC Client Games and Web Games Markets 1.7 Main Products of China’s Mobile Game Industry in 2016
1.8 Analysis of China’s Game Industry Concentration
1.9 TOP10 Listed Online Game Companies in China by Revenue

1.10 Analysis of Companies’ Core Competence

2 Comparison of China’s Games Market and Overseas Games Market
2.1 Global Games Market Revenue Keeps Increasing. China's Games Market Becomes Increasingly Important
2.2 Distribution of Global Game Industry
2.3 Comparison of Structures of China’s Game Industry and Global Game Industry

3 Upgrade of Hardware and The Changes of Game Industry
3.1 The Changes of Games Go Along With The Upgrade of Electronic Hardware Devices
3.2 Family Computer Era: The Post-80s Generation Grew up With Subor Game Machine
3.3 PC Era: Game Content Becomes Richer
3.4 Internet Era: The Rise of MMORPG Games Popularize The Concept of Video Game
3.5 Mobile Era: Never Stop Playing
3.6 Possibilities in The Future: Will VR be The Next Trend in Game Industry?

4 Major Events in China’s Game Industry in 2016
4.1 The Publication Number Event
4.2 Improvement and Evolution of Unification of Games, Movies and TV Series

5 Chinese Game Players’ Profile
5.1 Basic Characteristics
5.2 Regional Distribution
5.3 Constellation Distribution

6 Analysis of Typical Games and Companies
6.1 Tencent: Users Are The Foundation. Build an All-round Product Line
6.2 NetEase and Blizzard: The Localization of Blizzard
6.3 Seasungames:Stick to Martial Arts Games And create A Continuous Active Gamer Community
6.4 Kongzhong: Transformation From a Game Producer to a Pan-entertainment Platform
6.5 Sina Weibo Game: Based on Its Advantages as a Platform Transformed From Social Network Games to Social Network + Games

7 Trends in China’s Game Industry
7.1 Pan-entertainment: It’s a Game and It’s Also a World
7.2 The Rich Game Types Can Meet The Demand of People in All Ages
7.3 Number of Heavy Mobile Game Players Increases: Moblization of PC Client Games and Web Games Leads to More Heavy Mobile Game Players
7.4 Platformization of PC Games: Who Will be The Steam in China?
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