2017 China’s Enterprise Content Management Industry Report

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Traditional information management systems usually only deal with digital information of specific forms independent of each other. For example, file management, record management, web content management, enterprise cloud storage, etc., are only for specific content, ERP, CRM, SCM, HRM and so on. But ECM is an enterprise-level information management system dealing with all content of the enterprises, surpassing separate management applications and eliminating information isolated islands caused by restrictions on business and departments. Also, ECM’s modern integrated solutions help promote the integration of knowledge management and business process management.

Table of Contents of The Full Report

1 Overview of Enterprise Content Management Industry in China
1.1 Definition of Enterprise Content Management
1.2 Definition and Classification of Enterprise Content
1.3 ECM Covers All Stages During The Content Lifecycle
1.4 Development History of Enterprise Content Management
1.5 Why Enterprises Need ECM
1.6 Information Collaboration Function of ECM
1.7 ECM is The Conformity and Integration of Enterprise Information Management Systems
1.8 Development Environment of Enterprise Content Management
1.9 Industrial Chain of Enterprise Content Management

2 Market Situation and Company Case
2.1 Scale of Enterprise Content Management Industry
2.2 Construction of ECM Among Chinese Enterprises
2.3 Map of Enterprise Content Management Industry
2.4 Tips on Selection of ECM Products
2.5 Case of Typical Company - FangCloud
2.6 Case of Typical Company - Macrowing
2.7 Case of Typical Company - Yiqixie

3 Insight of Enterprise Content Management Industry in China
3.1 The First Element of Enterprise Content Management is to Improve Productivity
3.2 SaaS is Inevitable Choice For Mobility & Collaboration
3.3 Cloud Service Will Become a Reliable Choice For Enterprises
3.4 Both IaaS and SaaS Evolve Towards PaaS
3.5 From Content Management to Knowledge Management
3.6 Integration With Business Application
3.7 Artificial Intelligence Facilitate Enterprise Content Management

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