2017 China's Third-Party Mobile Payment Report

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2017 China's Third-Party Mobile Payment Report digs into China's third party payment industry and analyzes the current situation, industrial features and ecological construction of China third-party mobile payment industry. In the past year, China's third-party mobile payment kept a fast growth with the increasing of applicable situations and solutions to vertical industries, and the ecologies based on mobile payment diversifies saw differentiation as well due to the different data base. This report make an analysis of the whole industry as well as the case studies, aiming at providing new ideas for participants in third-party mobile payment market.


Table of Contents of The Full Report

1 Current Situation of Third-Party Mobile Payment Industry
1.1 General Picture of Third-Party Mobile Payment Industry
1.2 Increasing Abundance of Mobile Payment
1.3 The Nature of Payment Lies in Connecting The Users, Businesses and Products
1.4 Industrial Supervision

2 Mobile Payment Becomes a Link of Offline Ecology
2.1 Current Situation Offline Payment
2.2 Value of Offline Payment
2.3 Data Ecology
2.4 Diversification of Credit Application

3 Mobile Payment Accelerated The Flat Transmission of Internet Demographic Dividend

4 Ecology Construction Centered on Mobile Payment
4.1 Alipay Ecology Construction
4.2 Tenpay Ecology Construction

5 Developing Trend of Mobile Payment
5.1 Non-Cash Socialization Process of Mobile Payment
5.2 Financial Technologies Accelerated The Penetration of Mobile Payment
5.3 Mobile Payment Accelerated Digital Transformation of Offline Business
5.4 The Global Development of Mobile Payment
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