2017 China's Internet Celebrity Economy Development Report

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As the internet celebrity economy is maturing and the value of internet celebrity becomes prominent, related industries also develops rapidly. Platforms, MCN and internet celebrity are working together to improve the efficiency and enlarge the size of internet celebrity economy. By focusing on the development and changes of the internet celebrity data, development and new trend of industry, this report goes over and analyzes the fast changes of the internet celebrity economy.


Table of Contents of The Full Report

1 Development Opportunities For Internet Celebrity
1.1 Huge Growth of Internet Celebrities and Funs
1.2 Portrait of Internet Celebrity Fans in 2017
1.3 Other Areas That Internet Celebrity Fans Focus on
1.4 Major Changes of Internet Celebrity Content
1.5 Diversified Ways to Monetize and Eye-catching Data

2 Profitable, Industrialization of Internet Celebrity Economy
2.1 Development and Changes of Industrial Chain of Internet Celebrity Economy in China
2.2 Platform, MCN and Internet Celebrity Forming a Community of Interests
2.3 MCN: Business Hub of Internet Celebrity Economy
2.4 Rapid Development and Vast Prospect of MCN
2.5 MCN Facilitating The Upgrade of Content Generation System
2.6 Scale Effect of Internet Celebrity Economy Based on Content Ecosystem
2.7 Platforms Seeking For New Ways to Monetize
2.8 Investment and Financing of Internet Celebrity Economy
2.9 Typical Cases of Internet Celebrity Industry

3 New Trend of Internet Celebrity Economy
3.1 Overview of The Development Trend of Internet Celebrity Economy
3.2 Rapid Rise of Internet Celebrity in Vertical Fields
3.3 Prominent Trend of MCN
3.4 MCN Tends to be Fragmented and IP-based

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