2017 China's Business Intelligence Report

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Different from traditional business intelligence which is able to manage big data and realize visualization, the report analyzes how artificial intelligence can be applied to business intelligence decision-making, which can make the business management Intelligent and automated. This report will dig into the development background, technology development and multi-situation application of business intelligence and illustrate the real situation of business intelligence’s commercial application, so as to present the current real application value of AI technologies (excluding perception intelligence such as speech and visual sense).

Table of Contents of The Full Report

1 Introduction of Business Intelligence
1.1 Definition of Business Intelligence
1.2 Business Intelligence and Big Data
1.3 Macro-Environment of Business Intelligence
1.4 Industry Chain of Business Intelligence
1.5 Financing Situation of Business Intelligence Industry
2 Core Technologies of Business Intelligence
2.1 Machine Learning
2.2 Knowledge Atlas
2.3 Operation Research

3 Typical Application of Business Intelligence
3.1 Advertising Marketing
3.2 E-Commerce
3.3 Transportation
3.4 Supply Chain
3.5 Financial Risk Management
3.6 Investment Analysis
3.7 Smart Investment Consultant
3.8 Smart Customer Service

4 Typical Company Case Study
4.1 Mininglamp
4.2 4 Paradigm
4.3 Cardinal Operation
4.4 Baifendian
4.4 Memect
4.5 ZRobot

5 Future Opportunities and Challenges of Business Intelligence
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