2017 China's VR Industry Report— Market Data

Source:iResearchAugust 11,20172:35 PM Overview The revenue of China’s VR industry reached 3.46 billion Yuan in 2016. The revenue is small but increases rapidly. The revenue of China’s VR industry is expected to exceed 1 billion Yuan in 2018. Over the next five years, VR industry will see its annual compound annual growth rate surpass 80%. China will become the world’s biggest VR market by 2021 and its VR revenue will hit 79 billion Yuan.

Table of Content of The Full Report

1 General Picture of China’ s VR Market 1.1 Revenue of China’s VR Industry
2 Market Scale Forecast for VR Headset
2.1 Revenue of VR Headset Market
2.2 VR Headset —— Smartphone VR Box
2.3 VR Headset —— Gaming Applications
2.4 VR Headset —— VR Standalone Device
2.5 VR Headset —— Enterprise-oriented Applications

3 Market Scale Forecast for VR Content Market
3.1 VR Content Market —— Consumer-oriented
3.2 VR Content Market ——Enterprise-oriented
3.3 VR Content Market ——VR Marketing Sector

4 Market Scale Forecast for VR Offline Experience Stores
4.1 VR Offline Experience Store

5 Market Scale Forecast for Other VR Accessories
5.1 VR Camera 5.2 Other Hardware

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