2017 China's Brand E-commerce Service Industry Report

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With the increase of internet penetration in China, as a convenient and fast retail channel, online shopping experienced explosive growth and its share in total retail sales of consumer goods keeps rising. It has become an important retail channel in China and has injected fresh blood into China’s consumption economy. 

Table of Contents of The Full Report

Industry Definition and Caliber
1 Development Background of Brand E-commerce Service Industry in China
1.1 Policy Environment
1.2 Analysis of Technical Environment of The Industry
1.3 Economic Environment of The Industry

2 Development Path and Current Situation of Brand E-commerce Service Industry in China
2.1 Development Path of Brand E-commerce Service Industry
2.2 Segments of Brand E-commerce Service Industry Market
2.3 Demand of Brands of Different Dimensions For E-commerce Service
2.4 Brand E-commerce Service Market GMV and Growth Rate
2.5 Tmall Became The Main Development Platform For Service Providers
2.6 Financing Situation and Listing Status of Service Providers
2.7 Business Mode of Brand E-commerce Service
2.8 Business Ecosystem and Industry Chain of Brand E-commerce Service

3 Case Study of Typical Enterprises
3.1 BAOZUN——Create A Cross-industry, Omni-channel and One-stop Industry Service Value Chain
3.2 XCXD——Long Cooperation Concept Leads to High-quality Service
3.3 Lily & Beauty——High Quality Beauty and Genuine Products
3.4 Accel E-commerce——The Leading Cross-border E-commerce Provider in China

4 Future Trends
4.1 Big Data Marketing Will Be A Focus of The Industry
4.2 Promote Supply Chain Reform Under Omni-channel Structure
4.3 Develop The Cross-border E-commerce Service Blue Ocean Market
4.4 Value of Service Providers’ Professional Service Will Be Prominent
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