2017 China's Third-Party Payment Market Report

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The expansion of third-party online payment business in China and America is closely connected to the financial characteristics in the two countries. In America, since traditional financial institutions make an effort to popularize paperless payment and attach great importance to financial services for ordinary users, the third-party online payment cannot surpass the traditional financial institutions in the aspects of user experience and sense. 


Table of Contents of The Full Report

1 Development History of Third-party Online Payment Market in China
1.1 Definition of Third-party Online Payment
1.2 Third-party Online Payment is The Mainstream on The Individual Payment Market
1.3 Payment Will be in an Electronic Way
1.4 Comparison of Third-party Online Payment in China and The USA
1.5 Overview of Third-party Online Payment Market in China

2 Main Segments of Third-party Online Payment
2.1 Online Shopping
2.2 Inclusive Finance
2.3 Electronic Transfer
2.4 Scanning QR Code Offline
2.5 Cross-border Payment

3 Survey of Third-party Online Payment Users in China 2017
3.1 Electronic Payment Entering The Mobile Era
3.2 Preference of Users For Different Types of Electronic Payment Tools 2017
3.3 Electronic Payment Scenario Most Frequently Used by Users 2017
3.4 Application of Electronic Payment in E-commerce 2017
3.5 Application of Electronic Payment in Financial Planning 2017
3.6 Application of Electronic Payment in Transfer 2017
3.7 Application of Electronic Payment in Scanning QR Code Offline 2017

4 Case Study of Third-party Online Payment Market in China
4.1 Alipay Ecosystem
4.2 Tenpay
4.3 Lakala
4.4 Suning Pay
4.5 Baofu.com
4.6 ChinaPnR
4.7 Hebao (NFC)
4.8 UMF
4.9 YeePay
4.10 99Bill.com

5 Development Trend of Third-party Online Payment Market in China
5.1 Payment and E-commerce Promote Each Other
5.2 Third-party Online Payment Will Promote The Development of Inclusive Finance
5.3 Mobile Payment Accelerates Digital Transformation
5.4 Development Towards Cashless Society
5.5 Global Expansion of Mobile Payment

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