2017 China's Programmatic Buying Market Report

Source:iResearchSeptember 06,201710:02 PM Overview
Programmatic buying develops together with online advertising. Data from iResearch shows that in 2016, online advertising revenue in China attained 290.27 billion Yuan while mobile advertising revenue totaled 175.02 billion Yuan. Therefore, it can be seen that mobile advertising accounted for 60.3% of online advertising by revenue in 2016. Fast growth of online advertising revenue can be attributed to increasing of internet users and their time spending online, the improvement of the online advertising industry chain and maturation of advertisers, agents, media and other players. These are the background and foundation for the development of programmatic buying. 

Table of Contents of The Full Report

1 Overview: Development History of Programmatic Buying Market in China
1.1 Rediscover Programmatic Buying 1.2 Development Background of Programmatic Buying
1.3 Programmatic Buying Entering The Adjustment Period After Five Years of Development
1.4 Boom of RTB
1.5 Stage Led by PMP
1.6 Surge of Video
1.7 Popularization of Mobile Application
1.8 Accelerated of Intelligent Development

2 Analysis: Hotspots of Programmatic Buying Market in China
2.1 Hotspot I: Programmatic Buying is Regulated For The First Time
2.2 Hotspot II: Media Build Their Own Programmatic Advertising Platforms
2.3 Hotspot III: A Way Out For Third-party Advertising Technology Companies
2.4 Hotspot IV: Large Communication Groups Build Their Own Programmatic Platforms
2.5 Hotspot V: Rational Return of Advertisers
2.6 Hotspot VI: Anti-cheating
2.7 Hotspot VII: Brand Safety
2.8 Hotspot VIII: Transparency of Digital Advertising Supply Chain
2.9 Hotspot IX: Expectation of Open Data

3 Description: Development of Programmatic Buying Market in China
3.1 Overview of The Industrial Chain and Map
3.2 Programmatic Buying Market Still at The Early Stage
3.3 Mobile Programmatic Buying Will Maintain Fast Growth
3.4 Share of Mobile Devices Exceeded That of PC For The First Time
3.5 Increasing Share of Non-RTB 3.6 Programmatic Video Remains a Growth Momentum

4 Outlook: Future Trend of Programmatic Buying Market
4.1 Growth Momentum of Programmatic Buying
4.2 Trend I: Accelerated Process of Programmatic New Media
4.3 Trend II: Accelerated Process of Programmatic Native Advertising
4.4 Trend III: Local and Mid & Small-sized Advertisers Become New Growth Points
4.5 Trend IV: Attribution Analysis and Establishment of Evaluation System
4.6 Trend V: Realization of The Concept of Marketing Cloud 4.7 Trend VI: Arrival of The Age of Intelligent Marketing
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