2017 China's Mobile Social User Report

Source:iResearchSeptember 12,20173:37 PM Overview According to data from mUserTracker, a database mearing product launched by iResearch, monthly unique devices of mobile social apps was almost 590 million units in May, 2017, indicating that the number of mobile users keeps growing. After the fast growth in 2016, the number of users keeps growing but at a lower rate in 2017. 

Table of Contents of The Full Report

1 Overview: Development of China’s Mobile Social
1.1 Number of Mobile Social App Users in China
1.2 Development of Habit of China’s Mobile Social App Users
1.3 Time Spending of Mobile Social Users in China
1.4 Market Size of China’s Social Advertising

2 Features: Who Are Playing? What to Play? Whom to Play With?
2.1 Gender, Age and Marital Status of Mobile Social Users
2.2 Regional Distribution of Mobile Social Users
2.3 Education and Income of Mobile Social Users
2.4 Channels For Users to Know and Use Mobile Social App
2.5 Mobile Social Apps Used by Users at The Same Time
2.6 Types of Mobile Social Apps Used by Users
2.7 Concentration of Users by Mobile Social App Type
2.8 Mobile Social Users’ Relationship With Online Friends
2.9 Mobile Social Users’ Meeting With Friends Offline

3 Usage: Mobile Phone in Hand, All in Hand
3.1 Publication of Personal Dynamics of Mobile Social Users
3.2 Mobile Social Users’ Self-Representation and Image Management
3.3 Mobile Social Users’ Reason to Use Apps
3.4 Classification of Mobile Social Users’ Reasons
3.5 Scenarios For Users to Use Mobile Social App
3.6 Use Frequency and Time Spending Per Day of Mobile Social Apps
3.7 Factors Affecting The Mobile Social App Stickiness
3.8 Mobile Social Users’ Satisfaction With Apps

4 Focus: Attraction of Mobile Social Advertising
4.1 Acceptance of Advertising Among Mobile Social Users
4.2 Preference of Advertising Forms Among Mobile Social Users
4.3 Satisfaction of Mobile Social Users With Different Forms of Advertising
4.4 Preference of Advertising Content Among Mobile Social Users
4.5 Mobile Social Users’ Attitude Towards News Feed Ads
4.6 Factors Affecting The Attention and Satisfaction of News Feed Ads
4.7 Forms and Content of News Feed Ads Popular Among Users
4.8 Push Frequency of News Feed Ads Preferred by Users

5 Consumption: Accelerated Social-driven Purchase
5.1 Payment of Mobile Social Users
5.2 Payment of Mobile Social Users and Reasons
5.3 Attitude of Mobile Social Members Towards Member Benefits
5.4 Motives of Mobile Social Users to Purchase Via App
5.5 Attitude & Willingness of Mobile Social Users to Pay

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