2017 China's Just-in-time Logistics Industry Report

2017 China's Just-in-time Logistics Industry Report

Source:iResearchSeptember 19,20174:03 PM Overview Consumption upgrading is mainly reflected in the expectation of the consumers for better consumption experience. Thanks to the rapidity and convenience it provides, just-in-time logistics is popular among the users. With higher demand, the cost also increases. This indicates that the just-in-time logistics industry has great prospect and vast potential for development. 

Table of Contents of The Full Report

1 Development Environment of Just-in-time Logistics Industry in China
1.1 Policy: In The Context of “Internet +” and New Retail, Logistics Industry Enjoys Favorable Policy
1.2 Economy: Fast Growth of Online Shopping Leads to Higher Demand for Just-in-time Delivery
1.3 Economy: With Consumption Upgrading, Consumers Have Higher Requirement on Logistics
1.4 Society: With The Popularity of Internet, Users Are Shifting to Mobile Devices
1.5 Society: Crowdsourcing Model is Maturing, Attracts Idle Transport Capacity and Improves Efficiency
1.6 Technology: Mobile Internet is Changing The Communication Forms and Artificial Intelligence Improves The Efficiency of Logistics

2 Development of Just-in-time Logistics Industry in China
2.1 Alibaba and Jingdong Competing With Each Other, and Driving Forces For Development Extend From Food Delivery to End delivery
2.2 Home Delivery of Stores & Supermarket Has Become New Growth Impetus and Concept of New Retail Creates Much Room For Imagination
2.3 Just-in-time Logistics Orders Are Mainly From O2O Platforms, Food & Beverage Stores and Online Shopping
2.4 Industrial Chain of Just-in-time Logistics Industry
2.5 Steady Growth of The Market Size and Rise of Home Delivery Services of Stores & Supermarkets and End Delivery
2.6 Higher Demand For Just-in-time Delivery Leads to Increase of Logistics Cost
2.7 Adapt to Different Development Scenes Through Self-establishing, Franchising or Crowdsourcing
2.8 Uneven Distribution of Orders Limits The Delivery Efficiency
2.9 Consumers Have Higher Requirements on Delivery
2.10 Diversified Goods of Various Specifications Makes it Hard to Deliver
2.11 High Turnover Rate of Delivery Staffs
2.12 High Operation Threshold Makes it Necessary to Establish a Cooperation and Trust Mechanism With Stakeholders
2.13 High Technical Threshold, Central Scheduling Requires Artificial Intelligence and Multi-dimensional Data Accumulation
2.14 Make The Platform More Attractive Through Technology, Management and User Experience

3 Case Study of Typical Just-in-time Logistics Enterprises in China
3.1 Relying on E-commerce Giants, Dianwoda and Dada Compete With Each Other
3.2 Dianwoda: join The Alibaba Ecosystem and Enjoy The Tmall E-commerce Resources
3.3 Dianwoda: Data-based and Visual Order Allocation, Non-partitioned and Pressure-balanced Distribution of Transport Capacity
3.4 New Dada: Focusing on Intra-city Express Services and Expanding Order Sources on The Basis of Jingdong System
3.5 UUPT.com: By Buying, Delivering, Collecting and Doing For Users, Help Users in Various Scenes
3.6 Meituan Delivery: Expansion of Delivery Services Relying on Its Own Platforms and Fast Expansion of Diversified Transport Capacity in Rural Areas
3.7 Fengniao: Diversified Distribution Models to Improve Transport Capacity and Efficiency
3.8 Baidu Delivery: From Food Delivery to Logistics, Combining Its Own Team and Agencies

4 Development Trend of Just-in-time Logistics Industry in China
4.1 Trend I: Heavily Influenced by Upstream Industries, Just-in-time Logistics Enterprises Rely on Order Quantity and Product Variety for Development
4.2 Trend II: Business Scope Expansion Has Become the Basic Infrastructure of E-commerce Developing Towards “New Retail”
4.3 Trend III: The Key to Cost Reduction and Efficiency Improvement is to Optimize Algorithm and Increase Order Quantity
4.4 Trend IV: Digital Orders and Systematic Management Has Become Standard Practice and Technical Barriers in The Industry

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