2017 China's OTT Advertising Market Report

Source:iResearchSeptember 30,20177:04 AM Overview According to data from iResearch, during 2014-2016, revenue of OTT advertising increased rapidly and reached 610 million Yuan at a growth rate of 162.6% in 2016. iResearch finds that with the fast growth of OTT users and the increasingly complete industrial chain, the advertisers will increase their budget in OTT, and thus the OTT advertising market will see explosive growth in 2017. it is expected that in 2020, revenue of OTT advertising will reach 12.83 billion Yuan and the CAGR will be over 123.2%.

Table of Contents of The Full Report

1 Development Background of OTT Advertising Market in China
1.1 Definition of OTT Advertising Market
1.2 Development Background of OTT Advertising
1.3 Factors Influencing OTT Advertising
1.4 Factors Influencing OTT Advertising – High-speed Broadband
1.5 Factors Influencing OTT Advertising - Popularity of Terminal Devices
1.6 Factors Influencing OTT Advertising - Higher Performance of Terminal Devices
1.7 Factors Influencing OTT Advertising - Growth of User Scale
1.8 Factors Influencing OTT Advertising - Technological Progress
1.9 Factors Influencing OTT Advertising - Regulatory Policy
1.10 Development History of OTT Advertising Market

2 Development of OTT Advertising Market in China
2.1 Form of OTT Advertising
2.2 Features of OTT Advertising
2.3 Placement Flow of OTT Advertising
2.4 Revenue of OTT Advertising
2.5 Market Structure of OTT Advertising
2.6 Per Capita Revenue of OTT Advertising

3 Industrial Chain of OTT Advertising Market in China
3.1 Industrial Chain Map of OTT Advertising Market
3.2 Advertiser: Brand Advertisers Are Major Players
3.3 Advertiser: FMCG Advertising Accounts For a Big Part
3.4 Advertiser: Differences Between Advertising on PC, Mobile and OTT
3.5 Marketing Service Provider: The Pioneer of OTT Advertising
3.6 Media Resources Provider: Advertising as an Important Way of Monetization
3.7 Media Resources Provider: Close Upstream and Downstream Operation
3.8 OTT Users’ Attitude Towards Advertising

4 Case Study of Typical OTT Advertising Enterprises in China
4.1 Case Study of OTT Advertising Enterprises: Alibaba
4.2 Case Study of OTT Advertising Enterprises: iQIYI
4.3 Case Study of OTT Advertising Enterprises: Funshion
4.4 Case Study of OTT Advertising Enterprises: Xiaomi
4.5 Case Study of OTT Advertising Enterprises: Moviebook

5 Development Trend of OTT Advertising Market in China
5.1 Trend I: Developing Users in Rural Areas and Growing Revenue
5.2 Trend II: Multi-screen Interaction and Skillful Cross-screen Marketing
5.3 Trend III: Diversified Forms and Original Content
5.4 Trend IV: Accelerated Growth of Programmatic Buying
5.5 Trend V: Voice Advertising With Huge Potential
5.6 Trend VI: Well-established Monitoring of OTT Advertising
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