2017 China's Unmanned Retail Consumer Behavior Report

Source:iResearchNovember 16,20172:05 PM Overview
93.4% consumers have purchased goods in offline shops and supermarkets. The large supermarkets are most frequently used. 83.8% consumers have purchased goods in large supermarkets and 79.5% consumers have bought goods online. The penetration of unmanned retail is low. Only 36.5% consumers have purchased goods via unmanned retail, among whom 29.5% have used vending machine. Compared to unmanned retail shops/ convenience stores and open shelves, vending machine already has a consumer base

Table of Contents of The Full Report

1. Overall Analysis of Retail Consumers
1.1 Offline Shops and Supermarkets Are The Most Important Shopping Channels
1.2 The Consumption Frequency of Convenience Store is Relatively High
1.3 The Per Customer Transaction of Large Supermarkets and Online Supermarkets is Higher

2. Analysis of Unmanned Retail Consumers
2.1 Types of Unmanned Retail
2.2 Characteristics of Unmanned Retail Consumers
2.3 Nearly Half Vending Machine Consumers Have Used UBOX
2.4 Open Shelf
2.5 The Overall Coverage of Unmanned Stores is Low
2.6 Most Consumers Purchase Goods in Unmanned Retail Shop Since It’s Convenient
2.7 Drinks and Snacks Are Most Frequently Bought by Unmanned Retail Store Consumers
2.8 Over 80% Consumers Buy Goods From Unmanned Stores to Meet Their Ordinary Demand
2.9 70% of The Consumers Said Unmanned Stores Can Meet Their Shopping Demand
2.10 The Unmanned Store Consumers Want Faster Payment Process
2.11 Consumers Are Generally Satisfied With Unmanned Stores
2.12 Over 80% Consumers Will Keep Buying Goods in Unmanned Stores

3. Analysis of Potential Consumers of Unmanned Retail
3.1 Unmanned Stores Have A Wide Range of Potential Consumers
3.2 70% Consumers Only Consider Unmanned Stores Within 300 Meters
3.3 Potential Consumers Want to Buy Drinks and Snacks in Unmanned Stores The Most
3.4 Potential Consumers Wish Unmanned Stores Can Meet Their Ordinary Demand
3.5 Potential Consumers Want Faster Payment Process

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