2017 China's Logistics Technology Industry Report

2017 China's Logistics Technology Industry Report

Source:iResearchNovember 21,20177:54 AM Overview According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics of China, in 2016, the total value of social logistics goods in China was 229.7 trillion Yuan, an increase of 6.1% YOY. The growth rate was going up slightly. and industrial products still dominated the logistics demand and accounted for 93.2%. Specifically speaking, logistics demand of mining industry and high energy-consuming industries saw slower growth rate

Table of Contents of The Full Report

1 Background: It is Urgent to Reduce Cost and Increase Efficiency
1.1 Development Situation
1.2 Transformation and Upgrading

2 Status: Innovative Technologies Promotes Upgrade of Logistics Industry
2.1 Development History of Logistics Technology Industry in China
2.2 Illustration of Application of Logistics Technology in China
2.3 Industrial Chain of Logistics Technology Industry in China
2.4 Development | Size of Typical Market Segments
2.5 Development | Comparison of Users of Typical Enterprises
2.6 Development | Application | Transport
2.7 Development | Application | Storage
2.8 Development | Application | Delivery

3 Case Study: Business Application of Intelligent Logistics
3.1 ymm56.com
3.2 Cainiao
3.3 Jingdong Logistics
3.4 SF Express
3.5 Fengniao

4 Prospect: New Opportunity & New Journey
4.1 Trend and Prospect | Overall
4.2 Trend and Prospect | Technology
4.3 Trend and Prospect | Business
4.4 Trend and Prospect | Society

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