2017 China's Mobile Education Report

2017 China's Mobile Education Report

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On the condition that China’s mobile Internet is getting increasingly mature, online education in China has entered its 2.0 stage, that is, mobile education stage. This report centers on the macro development of mobile education in China, covering its development history, development environment, industrial chain, business modes and other respects. It aims at providing the market participants for a reference for future development by analysis of the main companies in market segments and the typical cases in this field.

Table of Contents of The Full Reports


1. Summary of China’s Mobile Education Industry
1.1 Evolution in Education Forms in China
1.2 Concept and Scope of Mobile Education
1.3 Development Environment For Mobile Education in China
1.3.1 Political Environment
1.3.2 Economical Environment
1.3.3 Payment For Knowledge
1.3.4 Social Culture
1.3.5 Technical Conditions

2. Current Situation of Mobile Education
2.1 Mobile Education Market Segments
2.2 Product Types
2.3 Main Application Scenarios
2.4 Penetration of Mobile Education in Online Education Market
2.5 Industry Chain
2.6 Financing
2.7 Types of Main Mobile Education Companies

3 Typical Cases on Mobile Education Companies
3.1 Pre-school Case: Xiaobanlong
3.2 K12 Case: 17Zuoye
3.3 Higher-Education Case: Kecheng Gezi
3.4 Vocational Training: Fenbi
3.5 Comprehensive Platform Case: NetEase Education
3.6 Comprehensive Distribution Case: Hujiang

4. Future Trends of Mobile Education Industry
4.1 Mobile Education Companies Will Make Great Efforts to Develop Business Via Apps in China
4.2 Deeper Vertical Exploration in Scenarios Demands Is Needed to Realize Individualization
4.3 The Integration Will Be The Theme of Mobile Education Industry

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