2017 China's Computer Vision Industry Report

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In the second half of 2016, 1:N facial identification, video structuring and other computer vision technology made breakthroughs in application scenarios and  thus promoted the development of computer vision. Meanwhile, with the precision improvement in facial identification, object identification and partitioning algorithm, medical visual technology, industrial manufacturing, retailing and other innovative fields started to take off and will be pillar industries in the market together with security, video advertising, pan finance, mobile phone and Internet entertainment.

Table of Contents of The Full Report

1 Overview of Computer Vision Technology
1.1 Concept and Major Application Sectors of Computer Vision
1.2 Research Objectives of Computer Vision Technology
1.3 Core Algorithm – Deep Learning
1.4 Hot Technology – Facial Identification
1.5 Open-source Environment & Technical Barriers
1.6 Is Competition of Computer Vision Technology Right or Wrong

2 Overview of Computer Vision Industry
2.1 Computer Vision Industry Diagram in China
2.2 Main Business Forms of Computer Vision Companies
2.3 Revenue of Computer Vision Industry
2.4 Embedded Perception System Accelerating The Intelligent Upgrading of The Industry

3 Application Scenarios of Computer Vision
3.1 Security Image Analysis
3.2 Identity Authentication in Pan Finance
3.3 Mobile & Online Entertainment
3.4 Commodity Identification
3.5 Industrial Manufacturing
3.6 Advertising & Marketing
3.7 Medical Imaging & Analysis
3.8 Automatic Driving

4 Case Study of Typical Computer Vision Companies
4.1 SenseTime
4.2 Cloudwalk
4.3 YITU Tech
4.4 Megvii Technology
4.5 Senscape
4.6 Malong Technologies
4.7 360 Artificial Intelligence Institute
4.8 DeepCare
4.9 Momenta
4.10 Sensingtech

5 Development Trend of Computer Vision Industry
5.1 Outlook of Computer Vision Technology
5.2 Iterated Algorithm Accelerating Commercial Empowerment in Different Sectors
5.3 Technology Suppliers Will Keep Improving Their Service Chains

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