2017 China's New Automobile B2B E-Commerce Report

Source:iResearchDecember 22,20171:31 PM Overview
China’s New Automobile B2B E-Commerce Report expounds the development environment, development history, current situation, industry chain, business modes, users/dealers’ preference for the platforms and comparison of domestic and oversea industry based on iResearch ‘s accumulation in new automobile e-commerce as well as in-depth interviews with platform users and industry insiders, and at the same time offers multi-dimension analysis of the core companies in this industry. We hope that the report can provide readers who are interested in new automobile B2B e-commerce industry with reliable references.

Table of Contents of The Full Report

1. Development environment of China’s New Automobile B2B E-commerce
1.1 Development of China’s automobile Industry
1.2 User Environment of China’s e-commerce industry
1.3 Industry Policy of China’s Automobile Industry
1.4 Development of Technology in China’s Automobile E-commerce
1.5 Changes of China’s Traditional Automobile Sales Channels
1.6 E-commerce Trend in China’s Automobile Consumption
1.7 New Automobile E-commerce in New Retail Era
1.8 Financing in Automobile E-commerce Industry

2. Development and Current Situation of China’s New Automobile B2B E-commerce
2.1 History of China’s New Automobile B2B E-commerce
2.2 Development Stages of China’s New Automobile B2B E-commerce
2.3 Current Situation of Foreign New Automobile B2B E-commerce
2.4 Development of B2B in New Automobile E-commerce
2.5 New Automobile E-commerce Industry Chain
2.6 Categories of New Automobile E-commerce
2.7 Current Situation of New Automobile B2B E-commerce
2.8 Current Situations of New Automobile Dealers in B2B E-commerce
2.9 Industry Value of New Automobile B2B E-commerce

3. Company Case Study in China’s New Automobile B2B E-commerce
3.1 Maihaoche
3.2 Xingyuan Auto
3.3 Chehang 168

4. Future Trends in China’s New Automobile B2B E-commerce
4.1 Trend I: To Improve Finance Service and Logistics Is The Path to Build The Platforms With Comprehensive Service
4.2 Trend II: To Extend Automobile Sales Channels to Second-Tier, Third-Tier, Forth-Tier and Fifth-Tier Cities
4.3 Trend III: Dealers’ Functions Will Differentiate and New Automobile B2B e-commerce Will Expand to Used- Car Circulation
4.4 Trend IV: More Functions Will Be Granted to Dealers Which Raised Penetration of Internet in Automobile Industry
4.5 Trend V: Automobile Dealer Big Data Will Be Further Mined, Promoting Industry Upgrading
4.6 Trend VI: The Service Platforms For Dealers Will Transform Into Comprehensive Service Providers

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